Chrome cobalt dentures (metal dentures)

Partial denture frameworks can be made in chrome cobalt. These are thinner and stronger than acrylic and since the metal conducts temperature, the denture is less noticeable in the mouth.

Many patients who have an acrylic denture they can’t get on with choose this option and find it preferable.  We rarely come across a patient changing from a chrome cobalt denture to an acrylic denture.

Chrome cobalt dentures also stay in place better through the use of rests and clasps.

Complete dentures can also have chrome cobalt element to them: In the case of a complete upper denture with full palatal coverage, the palate section can be made in metal. This allows the palate to be thinner than if it were acrylic and allows the transfer of temperature from food or drink, thus enhancing taste and the experience of eating.

For complete lower dentures the metal element can be incorporated to improve strength. Implant retained dentures will generally have a metal element to them. This improves the strength as the denture will be as small as possible due to the fact that the implants will do the job of keeping the denture in place as opposed to natural suction. Also the strength provided to the denture by the metal is important as patients have been known to break their denture when removing it to clean as the implants hold the denture in so well.

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