Dentures - Smiles

The secret to a natural-looking, confident smile

Ill-fitting dentures can dramatically alter your jawline and the overall shape of your face. Why not experience the ‘uplifting’ effect of Lichfield Smiles’ bespoke, more natural-looking dentures?

Hand-created for the perfect fit, with realistic tooth shape, colour and even gum tones, our dentures not only feel fantastic and perform superbly, but go a long way to restoring the loss of definition in this area that can be so ageing.

How can a CDT help?

A Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a person who is qualified, regulated and insured to treat patients for the provision of removable dental prostheses (dentures).

For patients who are completely edentulous (do not have any natural teeth left) a CDT can treat the patient for dentures, from initial consultation through to the fitting of the finished dentures.

For patients who are partially dentate (have some natural teeth left, have roots left or have implants) a CDT requires a prescription from a dentist which will verify the patient is suitable for a denture’s, this will, among other things, inform the CDT and patient of any specific design considerations that need to be followed and ensure stress or strain isn’t put onto a vulnerable tooth.

For the prescription we can work with a patient’s own dentist, if a patient, as many who come to us, haven’t got a dentist then we work with several dentists who we can refer you to for this.

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