How long will it take until my new dentures are finished?

It can take from as little as a day to a few weeks. Generally your dentures will be fitted on your fourth appointment. Your fifth appointment will be a review appointment, but bear in mind that there are multiple stages involved in making a denture and some appointments have more than one stage carried out during your visit.
It is even possible on occasions, or in the event of an emergency, that several appointments can be provided on a day, thus reducing the time it takes for you to get your new denture. This may be beneficial to patients who travel a long distance. The type of denture you require can also have an impact on how long it will take to complete it.

How much do dentures cost?

The cost of dentures varies and there are many factors that can affect the cost. For example;

the type of teeth used on the denture, the acrylic base used on the denture, metal (Co/Cr – Cobalt Chromium) frameworks or strengtheners, implant retained dentures, is the denture being made a transitional denture or definitive denture.

To give you a guide, dentures start from £550.

This is why we offer a free consultation to enable you to see and discuss the options available to you, discover the costs for each option and make an informed decision.

I still have some teeth; can I still have a consultation?

Certainly, however if teeth are present we will require a prescription from a dentist before we can start treatment.  If you don’t have a dentist, don’t worry; we work closely with local dentists and specialists and can organise an appointment for you with one of them.

If I see the dentist you arrange for me, do I have to have work done by them?

No, not at all. The purpose of this appointment is to obtain a prescription and you are not under any obligation to have any subsequent work carried out by them. Should other necessary dental work be required, this will be explained to you and quoted for. It is entirely up to you who carries out this work.

What is this prescription about and for?

In the UK currently only a dentist can assess teeth and prescribe a denture on a partially dentate patient (even if a complete denture is required in one jaw but teeth are present in the other jaw).  A dentist’s assessment ensures that teeth that are fragile aren’t clasped, thus weakening them further; pressure isn’t applied to a vulnerable tooth or decay or other tooth problems aren’t missed. These are just examples – other reasons apply.

I have a dentist but want to come to you for my denture?

This is very common and is the situation for most partial denture patients we treat. We can liaise with your dentist for the prescription and coordination of any other dental work required for the provision of your new denture.

What if I require other dental work?

If you know you require other dental work, suspect you need it or it turns out during the consultation or dentist appointment for the prescription that more dental work is required, don’t worry. We have experience of treating patients where new crowns or fillings are required and we coordinate the treatment for this with the construction stages of the denture.

What if I need all my teeth taken out?

If this really is the case we can make you an immediate replacement (IR) denture that is fitted as soon as the teeth are taken out. Please see our gallery pages where there are examples of these before and after.

What if my dentist doesn’t know who you are?

A large proportion of the dentists in Lichfield and the surrounding areas do know who we are but if they don’t, we won’t take offence, we will happily speak to them, will even go to meet them if necessary and we are happy to expand or network of other dentists, dental practices and dental care professionals.

Please feel free to direct your dentist to our website or ask them to contact us. We could even contact them on your behalf; in this instance it is better if you have informed them that we will be making contact.

My dentist doesn’t know what a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is?

We won’t be offended by this. Clinical Dental Technicians (CDT) have been a recognised and registered member of the dental team since 2007. Some dentists haven’t come across a CDT yet.

If your dentist doesn’t know what a CDT is please feel free to direct them to the Dentures page of our website, specifically the area that explains ‘How can a CDT help?’

If I see you for a denture can I go back to my dentist without problems?

Yes you can. It is your choice as a patient as to where you go for certain aspects of work; your dentist will respect that.

What is the difference between a transitional denture and a definitive denture?

A transitional denture is a denture provided as soon as teeth are extracted (also referred to as an Immediate Replacement Denture) or a denture provided for the interim period until the definitive denture can be provided. This could be because the patient is having implants fitted or waiting to see which teeth can be saved, amongst other reasons.

A definitive denture is a denture that is provided for long term use. A definitive denture can still be provided as an immediate replacement denture however it is likely that following hard and soft tissue resorption the denture will have to be relined to ensure it fits perfectly again.

I gag and can’t tolerate my palate being covered?

This is a common complaint. It is possible you think this because the dentures you have previously had are; 1 too thick, 2, go too far back or 3, don’t fit well, or a combination of these reasons. In any scenario, a new denture rectifying the problem/s can eliminate the problem of gagging.

If gagging persists – generally be determined at the final try in appointment – the denture can be finished in a horseshoe shape. A finished denture can also be modified to a horseshoe shape.

There is a risk that a horseshoe shaped denture won’t be as retentive as a denture with full palatal coverage and therefore the patient might have to consider using a denture adhesive. Alternatively dental implants can be fitted to help retain the denture. Please see the dental implants section of our site for more details.

You say you have to refer me to a dentist, how much will this cost?

If it is necessary to refer you to a dentist in order to obtain a prescription then we will pick up the cost of this. Should any work be required then you will be provided with a quote and it is then up to you to decide where to get the work carried out. You are not obliged to have the work carried out by the dentist we refer you to, however most patients do choose to do so. This is because we are very careful to ensure that any referral dentist is highly competent, friendly and well placed to meet your requirements.